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Probing Vacancy Behavior Across Complex Oxide Heterostructures

J. Zhu, J.-W. Lee, H. Lee, L. Xie, X. Pan, R.A. De Souza, C.B. Eom, S.S. Nonnenmann, Science Advances 5 eaau8467 (2019).

Synthesis of Phosphonic Acid Ligands for Nanocrystal Surface Functionalization and Solution Processed Memristors

J. De Roo*, Z. Zhou, J. Wang, L. Deblock, A.J. Crosby, J.S. Owen, S.S. Nonnenmann*, Chemistry of Materials 30 8034 - 8039 (2018). *co-corresponding authors

Conductive Composite Materials Fabricated from Microbially Produced Protein Nanowires

Y.‐L. Sun,  H.‐Y. Tang,  A. Ribbe,  V. Duzhko,  T.L. Woodard,  J.E. Ward, Y. Bai,  K.P. Nevin,  S.S. Nonnenmann,  T. Russell,  T. Emrick,  D.R. Lovley, Small 1802624 (2018).

Fouling-Resistant Hydrogels Prepared by the Swelling-Assisted Infusion and Polymerization of Dopamine

K.W. Kolewe, K.M. Dobosz, T. Emrick, S.S. Nonnenmann, J.D. Schiffman, ACS Applied Bio Materials 1 33-41 (2018). 

UV Radiation Enhanced Oxygen Vacancy Formation Caused by the PLD Plasma Plume

F.V.E. Hensling, D.J. Keeble, J. Zhu, S. Brose, C. Xu, F. Gunkel, S. Danylyuk, S.S. Nonnenmann, W. Egger, R. Dittmann, Scientific Reports 8 8846 (2018).

How Ligands Affect Resistive Switching in Solution-Processed HfO2 Nanoparticle Assemblies

J. Wang, S. Choudhary, J. De Roo, K. De Keukeleere, I. Van Driessche, A.J. Crosby, S.S. Nonnenmann, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10 4824-4830 (2018).

Perovskite Nickelates as Electric-Field Sensors in Salt Water

Z. Zhang, D. Schwanz, B. Narayanan, M. Kotiuga, J.A. Dura, M. Cherukara, H. Zhou, J.W. Freeland, J. Li, R. Sutarto, F. He, C. Wu, J. Zhu, Y. Sun, K. Ramadoss, S.S. Nonnenmann, N. Yu, R. Comin, K.M. Rabe, S.K.R.S. Sankaranarayanan, S. Ramanathan, Nature 553, 68-72 (2018).

L.-S. Wang, S. Gopalakrishnan, Y.W. Lee, J. Zhu, S.S. Nonnenmann, V.M. Rotello, Materials Horizons 5, 268-274 (2018).

Bacterial Adhesion Is Affected by the Thickness and Stiffness of Poly(ethylene glycol) Hydrogels

K.W. Kolewe, J. Zhu, N.R. Mako, S.S. Nonnenmann, J.D. Schiffman, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 3, 2275-2281 (2018).

Exfoliation of Two-Dimensional Zeolites in Liquid Polybutadienes

S. Sabnis, V.A. Tanna, C. Li, J. Zhu, V. Vattipalli, S.S. Nonnenmann, Z. Lai, H.H. Winter, and W. Fan, Chemical Communications, 53, 7011-7014 (2017).

Transferable Memristive Nanoribbons Comprising Solution-Processed Strontium Titanate Nanocubes

J. Wang, S. Choudhary, W.L. Harrigan, A.J. Crosby, K.R. Kittilstved, and S.S. Nonnenmann, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 10847-10854 (2017).

In Situ Surface Potential Evolution Along Au/Gd:CeO2 Electrode Interfaces

J. Zhu, J. Wang, D.S. Mebane, and S.S. Nonnenmann, APL Materials 5 042503 (2017). Invited

Area-Dependent Electroforming and Switching Polarity Reversal Across TiO2/Nb:SrTiO3 Oxide Interfaces

J. Wang, S.S. Nonnenmann, Journal of Materials Science 52 6469-6475 (2017).

Gradient and Patterned Protein Films Stabilized via Nanoimprint Lithography for

Engineered Interactions with Cells

L.-S. Wang, B. Duncan, R. Tang, Y.-W. Lee, B. Creran, S.G. Elci, J. Zhu, G.Y. Tonga, J. Doble, M. Fessenden, M. Bayat, S.S. Nonnenmann, R.W. Vachet, and V.M. Rotello, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 42-46 (2017).

A Hot Tip: Imaging Phenomena using In Situ Multi-Stimuli Probes at High Temperatures

S.S. Nonnenmann, Nanoscale 8 3164-3180 (2016).

Selective Nucleation of Poly(3-hexyl thiophene) Nanofibers on Multilayer Graphene Substrates

D.E. Acevedo-Cartagena, J. Zhu, E. Trabanino, E. Pentzer, T. Emrick, S.S. Nonnenmann, A.L. Briseno, and R.C. Hayward, ACS Macro Letters 4 483-487 (2015).

Probing Local Electrochemical Activity within Yttria-Stabilized-Zirconia via In Situ High-Temperature Atomic Force Microscopy

J. Zhu, C.R. Perez, T.-S. Oh, R. Kungas, J.M. Vohs, D.A. Bonnell, S.S. Nonnenmann, Journal of Materials Research 30 357-363 (2015). Invited

Size Dependence of Resistive Switching at Nanoscale Metal‐Oxide Interfaces

J. Hou, S.S. Nonnenmann, W. Qin, D.A. Bonnell, Advanced Functional Materials 24, 4113-4118 (2014).

Air-Liquid Interfacial Self-Assembly of Conjugated Block Copolymers into Ordered Nanowire Arrays

M.H.M. Cativo, D.K. Kim, R.A. Riggleman, K.G. Yager, S.S. Nonnenmann, H. Chao, D.A. Bonnell, C.T. Black, C.R. Kagan, S.-J. Park, ACS Nano 8 12755-12762 (2014).

A Transition in Mechanisms of Size Dependent Electrical Transport at Nanoscale Metal-Oxide Interfaces

J. Hou, S.S. Nonnenmann, W. Qin, and D.A. Bonnell, Applied Physics Letters, 103 252106 (2013).

Direct In Situ Probe of Electrochemical Processes within Operating Fuel Cells

S.S. Nonnenmann, R. Kungas, J.M. Vohs, and D.A. Bonnell, ACS Nano 7 6330 (2013).

Miniature Environmental Chamber Enabling In Situ Scanning Probe Microscopy within Reactive Environments

S.S. Nonnenmann, D.A. Bonnell, Review of Scientific Instruments, 84 073707 (2013).

Tip Loading Effects on AFM-Based Transport Measurements of Metal-Oxide Interfaces

J. Hou, B. Rouxel, W. Qin, S.S. Nonnenmann, and D.A. Bonnell, Nanotechnology 24 395703 (2013).

The Ferroelectric Field Effect within an Integrated Core/Shell Nanowire

S.S. Nonnenmann, M.A. Islam, B.R. Beatty, E.M. Gallo, T. McGuckin, and J.E. Spanier, Advanced Functional Materials, 22 4957 (2012).

Nanoscale Impedance and Complex Properties in Energy-Related Systems

W. Lee, F.B. Prinz, X. Chen, S.S. Nonnenmann, D.A. Bonnell, R.P. O’Hayre, MRS Bulletin 37, 659-667 (2012).

Magneto-Elastic Tuning of Ferroelectricity within a Magnetoelectric Nanowire

S.H. Johnson, P. Finkel, O.D. Leaffer, S.S. Nonnenmann, K. Bussmann, J.E. Spanier, Applied Physics Letters 99 182901 (2011).

In Vitro Biocompatibility of n‐Type and Undoped Silicon Nanowires

B. Garipcan, S. Odabas, G. Demirel, J. Burger, S.S. Nonnenmann, M.T. Coster, E.M. Gallo, B. Nabet, J.E. Spanier, E. Piskin, Advanced Engineering Materials 13, B3-B9 (2011).

Wafer-Scale Nanopatterning and Translation into High-Performance Piezoelectric Nanowires

T.D. Nguyen, J.M. Nagarah, Y. Qi, S.S. Nonnenmann, A.V. Morozov, S. Li, C.B. Arnold, M.C. McAlpine, Nano Letters 10, 4595-4599 (2010).

Redox-Based Resistive Switching in Ferroelectric Perovskite Nanotubes

S.S. Nonnenmann, E.M. Gallo, J.E. Spanier, Applied Physics Letters 97 102904 (2010).

Finite Curvature-Mediated Ferroelectricity

S.S. Nonnenmann, O.D. Leaffer, E.M. Gallo, M.T. Coster, J.E. Spanier, Nano Letters 10, 542-546 (2010).

Piezoresponse Through a Ferroelectric Nanotube Wall

S.S. Nonnenmann, E.M. Gallo, M.T. Coster, G.R. Soja, C.L. Johnson, R.S. Joseph, J.E. Spanier, Applied Physics Letters 95 232903 (2009).

Ferroelectricity in Chemical Nanostructures: Proximal Probe Characterization and the Surface Chemical Environment

S.S. Nonnenmann, J.E. Spanier, Journal of Materials Science 44, 5205 (2009).

Controllable Formation of Nanoscale Patterns on TiO2 by Conductive-AFM Nanolithography

B. Garipcan, J. Winters, J.S. Atchison, M.D. Cathell, J.D. Schiffman, O.D. Leaffer, S.S. Nonnenmann, C.L. Schauer, E. Piskin, B. Nabet, J.E. Spanier, Langmuir 24, 8944-8949 (2008).

Excitation of Local Field Enhancement on Silicon Nanowires

L. Cao, B. Garipcan, E.M. Gallo, S.S. Nonnenmann, B. Nabet, J.E. Spanier, Nano Letters 8, 601-605 (2008).

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