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The NITE Team

The NITE team comprises talented, motivated individuals that thrive in advancing materials research in dynamic environments to meet broader, societal needs and goals. We routinely collaborate across all disciplines and look forward to working with you in the near future!


Stephen S. Nonnenmann

Associate Professor

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Adjunct Faculty

Chemical Engineering

Postdoc, Materials Science & Engineering
University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering
Drexel University 
M.S., Materials Science & Engineering
University of Central Florida
B.S., Glass Engineering Science 

NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University


Graduate Researchers

Jieun Park


5th Year - Ph.D. Student
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

M.S., Machine Design & Materials

Konkuk University (2018)

B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Konkuk University (2016)

My research studies the evolution of vacancy distributions along electroactive oxide surfaces and interfaces as a function of strain, composition, and work function difference.

Suryeon Lee

4th Year - Ph.D. Student 
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

M.E., Materials Science and Engineering

Inha University (2019)

B.S., Materials Science and Engineering

Inha University (2017)

5th Year - Ph.D. Candidate

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

M.S., Mechanical Engineering

National Cheng Kung University (2014)

I work on determining local mechanical properties and conductivity within the filler volume region of peptide and protein nanowires in conductive elastomer nanocomposites.

eric chia.png

I am working on micro-stage design and tensile testing of polymer-pili nanocomposites. I am starting to also work in nanomechanics mapping.


Undergraduate Researchers

Courtney Chau

Undergraduate Researcher

B.S., Mechanical Engineering (exp 2024)

Meredith Eagar

Undergraduate Researcher

B.S., Mechanical Engineering (exp 2024)

I am working on micro-stage design and tensile testing of polymer-pili nanocomposites.


NITE Alumni

Graduate Students

  • Dr. Zimu Zhou, 2013-2020, now at Park Systems.

  • Dr. Jiaying Wang, 2013-2018, now at Lam Research.

  • Dr. Jiaxin Zhu, 2013-2018, now at Prudential Financial.

  • M.S. Dhrubajyoti Chowdhury, 2020-2022, now PhD student, USC, Mechanical Engineering.

Undergraduate Students

  • Jessica Wu, 2021-2023, now PhD student, California-Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering.

  • Erin Carney, 2021-2023, now at Belcan.

  • Lucy Madden, 2021-2022, now at Pratt & Whitney.

  • Erin Bergeron, 2021-2022, now at Pratt & Whitney.

  • Selena Cho, 2018-2019, now PhD student, Univ. of Utah, Neuromechanics and Applied Locomotion.

  • Catherine Curtin, 2019-2021, now Equipment Engineer, GlobalFoundaries.

  • Jacob Davis, 2017-2018, now PhD Student, Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington.

  • Ahnya Dague, 2017-2018, now at SharkNinja.

  • Meghan Glade, 2017-2018, now at MathWorks.

  • Eli Mattingly, 2017, now PhD Student, Harvard-MIT, Medical Engineering & Medical Physics.

  • Dylan Masi, 2015-2017, now at Scout Clean Energy.

  • Thomas Brennan, 2016-2017, now at US Concrete Products.

  • Gregory Forbes, 2014-2015, now PhD student, Stanford, Civil and Environmental Engineering.

My research studies the effects of embedded electric field concentrators on the functional properties of oxide thin films, with an emphasis on memristor and resistive switching applications.

Eric Chia

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